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Secrets of the Porch book

Secrets of the Porch

by Sue Ann Sellon

How long can a person hold their secret safe? The agony alone is unbearable. This porch has a story, a life. It breathes with memories of love—and secrets.

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Mae Randolph, caught robbing a gas station with her boyfriend Gabe, avoids the juvenile detention center by accepting the Judge’s alternative: that she spend a year on a Nebraska farm with her grandmother, Lila, whom she has never met. None too happy at first, Sophie eventually settles into farm life and opens up to the love of her grandmother, a dog named Hunner, and a new boyfriend named Blake.

Along the way, Sophie realizes that not only does she have her secrets, but Lila does too.

When Gabe reappears, Sophie’s very life may be in danger. Will Sophie and her grandma share their deepest secrets, or will they hide in the shells they’ve created for so many year? Discover the transforming power of love and the Secrets of the Porch. Purchase the Book


Carly’s Calling

Carlys Calling Bookby Sue Ann Sellon

Little Carly and her father share a deep love. She awakes one night to sense a visitor in the dark at the foot of her bed, and at her cry he rushes in to protect her. But there’s no one in her room. At least, no one he can see.

Carly’s invisible visitor returns nightly, never hurting her, but terrifying her. Carly’s dad can’t protect her from the visitations.

He can’t protect her from her mom, either.

Pathologically jealous of the love between her daughter and her husband, Carly’s alcoholic mother persecutes the young girl mercilessly, even beating her.

Carly experiences daily fear, and constant physical and emotional pain. But somehow she remains optimistic, and when the invisible spirit finally appears before her, it is to give her a lesson in how to use pain for spiritual growth.

As the wounded young woman grows, people are put in her life to teach her about both pain and the deep satisfaction of love, and finally how to heal, and develop her spirituality.

Carly’s Calling is the compelling story of an extremely sensitive woman with a gift for hearing spirits, and the ability to share unconditional love. Purchase the Book