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About Sue

About Sue Ann Sellon

Sue Ann Sellon

Sue Ann Sellon was born in Nebraska City, Nebraska, nationally recognized as the birthplace of Arbor Day. Writing poetry and short stories came to her naturally as a young girl lying beneath the large oak trees near the Arbor Lodge Mansion. She recalls these memories as some of the best of her childhood. You may still find her there from time to time resting in a cool spot on a blanket with her fingers tapping away on the keys of her laptop.

Married to her husband and best friend, Dr. Paul Sellon, together they share a love and interest in their historical home and a taste for cooking. Sue Ann previously owned her own restaurant, as well as a fashion franchise. Creative by nature, she also loves painting, decorating, and restoring vintage furniture. She refers to herself as an expert in the arena of estate auctions and garage sales. However, she remains loyal to her first love…writing.

Secrets of the Porch, an inspirational romance, is Sue Ann’s second novel. Her first novel, Carly’s Calling, was released in 2003. Sue Ann hopes to write many more stories that speak to the power of faith and the endurance of the human spirit.

Sue Ann is currently engrossed in two writing projects. Her next novel, Blue Skies, Wheat Fields & God” is underway as well as her first stab at writing a comical screenplay titled, “It’s Over at 50”.

From the Author

First and foremost I believe the most important career I have ever had is that of being a mom and a grandmother. My joy comes from my family. All of my children are now grown and the house seems eerily quiet, something I’m definitely not used to. When I hear the little footsteps of my grandchildren coming up the porch, it just seems as if the house comes to life.

I didn’t get started with my writing career until later in life. I believe God has a plan for me and it will move and happen within the graces of his time frame, not mine. As a believer and a soldier of Christ, I know that He guides me and has given me the words to share with you in writing of love, faith and redemption. Writing has given me a freedom to expend all the loose change in my mind…maybe only fellow writers can understand this statement.

Thank you for your support!